YouTube Talent

Reality TV really likes to push the boundaries of what is classed as ‘talent’ these days. I could give examples for days, but since Britain’s Got Talent is now back on our television screens I don’t think that’s necessary.

Seriously though… a grown man with mime artist style make-up, dressed as a school girl, dancing with a giant, inflatable polar bear?! You can’t make this stuff up! Although apparently you can give it three yes’s and put it through to the next round of a contest where the prize involves performing for the Royal family.

I love a good dance act, and I really appreciate the genuine talent, dedication, and skill it takes to excel in the world of dance. I’ll always have a soft spot for someone with a beautiful singing voice. For some of the best talent, and a real chance to see and hear what they can do, YouTube is the best place to look.

Here are my Top 5 YouTube artists.




Simply known as Red on YouTube, this young artist has an incredible tone to her voice and a stunning level of control. Her debut single is available on iTunes now along with her covers EP, both of which are worth a listen. But it was her cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ that first brought her to my attention.



Chloe and Halle

These sisters from America are starting to make a name for themselves across the Pond, but in the UK they’re fairly unheard of. Both of them have incredibly unique voices that could easily work individually as solo artists, but when they sing together they create a sound unlike anything or anyone else out there.



Jasmine Thompson

From London, Jasmine Thompson has a tone to her voice that I can only describe as hauntingly beautiful. With a slight Ellie Goulding-style touch to her voice, Thompson takes a song a re-works it to make it her own. I’ll never be able to listen to ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ the same again.



Sonna Rele

Another London girl, Sonna Rele gives me shivers whenever I listen to her. There’s something about the editing of her videos so she’s harmonising with herself that I can’t get enough of. She has such a gentle sound to her voice, like a silky waterfall, but when she adds the power to her performance her control would make veteran pop stars jealous. I think I prefer most of her covers to the original songs!



Connie Talbot

I may have started this post with a few negative comments about BGT, but the show really does churn out some good acts and performers of all ages. Never mind SuBo, Connie Talbot is a real testament to this. Anyone that watches the show will remember the 4-year-old girl who stole the nation’s heart with her rendition of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ in the first series in 2007. Well here that little girl is, all grown up and sounding like she’s ready to take on a world tour. I’ve really struggled to chose just one video to leave here. For such a young girl, everything she sings is golden.



I can’t end this post without saying that one artist people really need to prepare for is Andra Day. She was taken under the wing of none other than Stevie Wonder, and when you hear her voice it’s easy to know why he took her on. Here’s the acoustic version of her debut single ‘Rise Up.’